This year we saw an unprecedented amount of visitors to our event which unfortunately meant that we had to turn visitors away which is disappointing for all concerned. We understand the disappointment for those that made the journey however we couldn't willingly allow any more people or cars to enter the venue for safety reasons.

Unfortunately some people took it upon themselves to enter the venue without payment or tickets throughout the night which caused a real strain on our staffing and resources which we condemn wholeheartedly and for which we apologise because there actions caused issues at the event and prevented us from lighting the fire as planned.

However we are glad that visitors did enjoy the evening and we were very happy with the vendors who attended the site and the firework display was the best we have had since hosting the event (albeit 40 minutes late for which we apologise).

On the back of this event we will be making changes next year to our entrance policy and we will be selling advance tickets with early entrance timeslots. Remaining tickets will be available on the gates on the evening and will be on a strictly first come first served basis. The gates will then be closed until the event finishes.

Tickets will be available from The Crooked House from 1st October 2018.

Once again apologies for anyone that could not gain entrance this year to our event.